Yoga for Better Sleep

Pranayam and Yoganidra is very useful for relaxation your body and Mind.

Pranayam made with two words prana+yma  prana means vital energy and Yama means exercise or control, so Pranamam means to control your vital energy to enhance it.

Pranayam should be done empty stomach or atleast 4 hours after eating anything.

It is very important to be stress free and your thoughts should be calm to have better sleep. It’s better to not to think anything new or something that couse you stress before going to bed.

Practice of pranayam should be done under the supervision of qualified and experienced Yoga teacher.

Pranayama makes your lunges healthy it helps you detox your body and thoughts.

Pranayama is Anti-aging, it helps you lift up your spirit.

Pranayama is a stress reliever it can help you prevention of headache and migration.

Yoganidra is known as the psychic sleep it’s a Tantrik kirya.

In yoganidra we inspect over full body through mind while lying in the position of Shavasana which it self is a position known to put your mind to ease as lessen your thoughts.

Yoganidra is a practice where we listen to commands and carry it though out every part of our body which helps you every body part to relax and it reduce thoughts which leads to peace of both mind and body .

Yoganidra helps in depression and relaxation of body it refreshes your mind.

Yoganidra makes mind more creative and it reduce work pressure.

Yoganidra and pranayama both helps in reducing migration and in better sleep.

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